We do not vary from our route.  Each day, we start at the location where we stopped the day before.  If people want to know where we are on any given day, we really cannot say because it depends on volume of leaves, whether they are wet or dry and if we have any equipment issues.

Please remember to only put out leaves.  Please remove sticks, brush, animal waste, garbage or construction debris, etc. from your leaf piles.  Also piles should not exceed 3 feet in height and 6 feet wide.

Leaf Pick-up Route:

  1. Lake of the Woods
  2. Cedar Bluff Estates
  3. Colony Point
  4. Georgetown & Savanna
  5. Hickory Grove Rd., Hickory Grove Ct., Old Hickory Grove Rd., Bennet Ct. & Strathmoore Ct.
  6. Hickory Trace
  7. Alta & Alta Gardens
  8. McCabe Dr., Overland Dr. & Galena Knolls
  9. The Lanes, Brookview & Parkside Ln.
  10. Mossville
  11. Cedar Hills Estates
  12. Cavalier St. & Rene Ave.
  13. Singing Woods Rd., Cox Subdivision, Hidden Valley Ln., Renchville, Home Center & Misc. Locations

Start Over in Lake of the Woods