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Medina Township, which was created by the state legislature in 1850, is located North of the city of Peoria. The eastern portion of the township is located in the beautiful Illinois River Valley and is bounded on the east by the Illinois River. The western portion of the township is situated on the picturesque Illinois River Bluff.

From north to south, this combination of River Valley and timbered bluff rising 200 feet above the valley creates a most spectacular array of colors in the fall when the leaves change to their reds and golds.

In the past, the township was primarily an agricultural community but recently has been going through a long-term transition to urbanization. New subdivisions in the western part of the township have increased our population to over 6,000 residents and has increased our assessed valuation from 78 million dollars in 1990 to 371 million dollars in 2017. This allows the township to provide all the necessary services while maintaining one of the lowest township tax rates in Peoria County. In addition to the mandated functions of tax assessment, road and bridge maintenance and general assistance, the township manages and coordinates other programs including zoning and land-use recommendations, contracted senior services, a 30 acre park with an excellent youth baseball-softball complex and emergency preparedness system.

  • Police Protection

    Medina Township is provided police protection by a dedicated deputy in addition to normal coverage from the Peoria County Sheriff’s department.

  • School Districts

    Two very fine school districts provide educational services to our residents: Illinois Valley Central School District #321 and Dunlap School District #323.

  • Fire Protection

    Fire protection is provided by the Chillicothe Community Fire District and Dunlap Fire District.

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