The Board of Trustees met at the Medina Township Office

 located at 10628 N. Galena Road, Mossville, Illinois on October 9th, 2019

Purpose:  Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting

Present:  John H. Dawson, Supervisor

Shawn E. Garner, Clerk

Mike Molohon, Trustee

Adam Gudat, Trustee

Richard Clinch, Trustee

Absent: Cam Parr, Trustee

Other Officials and Township Staff Present: Frank Sturm, Road Commissioner and Mark Brabant, Assessor

Others In Attendance:  4 residents.  

Call To Order:  Supervisor Dawson followed by pledge of allegiance to the flag called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.


Clerk, Garner, presented the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting held September 11th, 2019. Trustee Molohon moved to approve, as presented, seconded by Trustee Clinch; followed by a unanimous “Aye” voice vote.

Community Policing Report:  

Deputy Lauber reported that they have suspects with burglary at Red Dot Storage with investigation ongoing.  It has been quiet in township. Complaints for speeding received on Mossville Road and Cedar Hills. Deputy will address.

Public Input:  

Supervisor Dawson received no request for public input.

Correspondence & Reports

Supervisor, John Dawson:

  • Investment Report:  The Investment Report ending on October 9th, 2019 was previously presented to board.  
  • Supervisor Dawson reported flooding at the park.  Fields 5 and 6 have sustained damage. Board will have to consider usage of those fields as clean-up cost continue on a yearly basis. 

Road Commissioner, Frank Sturm, II:  

  • The drain line in the park had some issues when that storm hit on a Friday a couple of weeks ago.  There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding this drain line. Like, “Who put it in?”, ”Where does it go?”,  “Who does it belong to?”, and “What is its purpose?” Hoerr Construction has the ability to not only televise pipelines but also locate lines. I am going to have them locate this line, hopefully, this fall.
  • Horowitz Concrete started the Miscellaneous Concrete Repair project. He should be done in a couple weeks. Several residents contacted us, and we did add a fair amount of extra work to the contract, but as of last week, we are not going to add any more work.
  • We are probably going to have to replace the dual axle trailer that we use to haul the mini-excavator. It developed another large crack in the frame, which we will weld. This trailer is over 30 years old and is just wearing out. It is designed to carry 12 tons, but it would be extremely unsafe to carry that weight now. Will be budgeting for a new one or a good used one next year.
  • We are still cleaning up after that 10”+ rainfall, we had a couple of weeks ago. During the storm, several of our culverts were plugged, which we cleaned out. Hauled 10 tandem loads from Brookview, 10 loads from Mossville and a similar amount from the Lanes. There is one more area on Singing Woods Road that needs cleanup.
  • Received salt contract, today. $95.65/Ton.
  • Still no word from Dillon on that storm sewer work in Colony Point.
  • Last month, I registered for and watched a TOI sponsored webinar on sexual harassment in townships. It was very eye opening. Some of the new laws that will go into effect in January, 2020 may affect our harassment policy.
  • Our building roof is leaking. May have to do some repairs next year. 

Assessor, Mark Brabant:

No report made.

Plan Commission, Chairperson Manning: 

No cases were before the commission. 



Trustee Clinch reported that boat has been parked on Medina right-of-way. Issue was discussed but no action taken.   

Old Business


New Business

Discuss, consider and vote on Opioid Litigation: Supervisor Dawson reviewed National Prescription Opiate Litigation request to join class action.  Supervisor tabled the matter to allow board to review request and consider at next months meeting.

Discuss, consider and vote on Colony Point Park Water Outlet:  

Consideration of the Colony Point request to provide water to the community park was tabled  when determination was made the Colony Point Neighborhood Association was not a legally chartered entity.  

Pay Township Bills

Township/Road District Bills Audited:  All bills of the Town and the Road District were approved for payment.  Trustee Clinch moved to pay the bills, seconded by Trustee Parr followed by a unanimous “Aye” voice vote.  

Adjournment:  There being no further business to come before the board, Trustee Molohon moved to adjourn, seconded by Trustee Gudat, followed by a unanimous “Aye” voice vote. The meeting adjourned at 7:41 PM.

Respectfully submitted this 9th day of October, 2019.


Shawn E. Garner, Clerk