The Medina Township Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Purpose:  Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting

Present:  Shawn Garner, Supervisor

Mike Molohon, Trustee 

Cam Parr, Trustee

Frank Gerke, Trustee

Mary Sundermeyer, Clerk

Absent: Cindy Greene, Trustee

Other Officials and Township Staff Present:  

Frank Sturm II, Road Commissioner

Mark Brabant, Assessor

Deputy Ben Davison, Community Police

Others In Attendance:  12 Residents

Call To Order:  Supervisor Shawn Garner called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm

Approval of Minutes:  Clerk Mary Sundermeyer presented the minutes from the regular board meeting held on February 8, 2023. Frank Gerke made a motion to approve the minutes. Cam Parr seconded. The minutes were approved by a unanimous voice vote.

Community Policing Report: 

Deputy Ben Davison gave the report for February 2023. There were 58 reports made involving 20 reports of 8 original reports of crimes. There were also 32 traffic stops made. The house on Medina St. was served with an eviction notice and was locked out of the property as of this morning. Zoning helped with these complicated matters. The people living in a Fairview St. house have been notified and fined for the condition of the property. They have until April 5 to abate the property.

Deputy Davison has begun the process of contacting owners of vacant properties so that illegal entry can be halted as soon as it is noticed. 

Public Input: 

Rick Schotthofer attended the meeting of the Peoria City Council on February 28 to speak against the Pre-Annexation Agreement #PZ1208-2023 for property being subdivided along Cedar Hills Rd. Rick owns an adjoining property and does not want the City of Peoria to take over this property and perhaps nearby properties in the future. The council voted 10/1 to approve the Pre-Annexation Agreement. Rick collected and presented 350 signatures of residents who were opposed to this annexation.  Brian Elssaser of the County Board also worked hard on this issue. Brian spoke to the owners of the property in question. They felt they were bullied into taking this route in order to subdivide their property. The owners (Herman Brothers) may deed some of their land along the border to Medina Township to provide a “wall” between the city and Medina.   

Mike Krost –The Peoria City Park District was given grant money to buy 40 acers of land. Mike researched this and the parcel they are looking at buying in not in Medina Township. These are things we have to watch or the city could pre-annex more land in Medina Township. The Chillicothe Park District worked with a legal firm out of Chicago to handle these complex land matters.  It would be good for Medina Township to look into using this law firm to protect our interests.

Kurt Stepping – Wanted to thank Frank Sturm and the Road District for getting the speed limit changed on Ivy Lake Rd. and for placing the new signs stating the 35/mph limit.

Ed Parker – Reported that the houses on Fairview St. are being adversely affected by the burning being done on a neighboring property. The burning takes place often and plastics and furniture are added to the fire. This sends noxious fumes to all the neighbors and is unhealthy. This air even enters his home through the fresh air intake and causes problems. The land looks like a junkyard. This property has been notified and fined for this behavior and it must be abated by April 5.

Old Business:  


New Business:  

Cam Parr made a motion to approve the Agenda for the Annual Town Meeting to be held on April 11, 2023. Mike Molohon seconded. The motion passed by a unanimous voice vote.

Shawn made a motion to transfer $2000 from the Road & Bridge Budget Line Item Engineering to Line Item Legal Services; $5000 from Line Item Engineering Services to Line Item Accounting Services; $10,000 to line item Equipment, from Line Item Engineering Services to Line Item Maint. Serv.-Bldg, Equip, Rd. Veh; $4000 from Line Item Debt Service Principal to line item Equipment; $1000 transferred from line item Salaries to Line item Health Insurance.  Cam seconded. A roll call vote was taken:  Shawn – Aye, Cam – Aye, Mike – Aye, Frank – Aye. The motion passes unanimously.

Shawn made a motion to transfer $4000 from the Permanent Road Fund Line Item Operating Supplies to Line Item Supplies-Bldg, Equip, Rd; and $5000 from Line Item Debt Service Principal to Line Item Supplies-Bldb, Equip, Rd. Frank seconded. A roll call vote was taken.  Shawn – Aye, Frank – Aye, Cam – Aye, Mike – Aye. The motion passed unanimously.

Cam moves that we accept a Park Agreement for IVCYA Softball.  Frank seconds. Motion passes by a unanimous voice vote. 

Cam moves that we accept a Park Agreement for IVCYA Baseball. Mike seconds. Motion passes by a unanimous voice vote.

Shawn received a Park Agreement for IVCYA Preseason Classic but has not received the Certificate of Insurance. Mike made a motion that Shawn could accept this Park Agreement after all the regulations are met. Cam seconded. The motion passes with a unanimous voice vote.

Department Correspondence:

Supervisor Shawn Garner:  

  1. Investment Report:  the report ending on March 8, 2023 was previously presented to the board.
  2. There are no General Assistance cases. 
  3. There are no cases before the Plan Commission.
  4. Shawn attended the Peoria City Council meeting on 2/28/23 regarding the Pre-Annexation agreement in Median Township. The Pre-Annexation was approved by a vote of 10-1.
  5. Will work with the Road Commissioner regarding testing and permit to accept fill at the adjoining property which is a potential site for a future township office.  Patrick Meyer can complete site plan, survey and permitting for the property. He can start anytime and we will proceed on a time and materials basis.
  6. The township will provide IVCYA access to the park Wi-fi network. They plan to use this for point of sale purchases using a device such as a Square. A hold harmless will be secured.

Road Commissioner:  Frank Sturm: 

  1. Turned in budget, creditor’s report and equipment inventory as required at end of the fiscal year. Frank also presented the latest MFT statement.
  2. He is getting calls regarding replacing and or cleaning driveway culverts but it is too wet to do so at this time.
  3. Ameren and Frontier have relocated some of their facilities in advance of the Bridge construction starting soon on Dickinson Rd.

Assessor:  Mark Brabant  – 

A general assessment letter will be sent out to all homeowners. This happens every 3 years. The assessed evaluations are going up by 9% according to the last 3-year average in home sales.

Plan Commission:  Jim Manning  – No report, no cases before the commission.

Trustees:  Frank Gerke tendered his resignation as Trustee effective 3/31/23 due to a relocation out of the township. A new trustee will be appointed within 60 days of his resignation.

Township/Road District Bills:  

Frank made a motion to pay the bills of the township.  Cam seconded the motion. The motion was approved by a unanimous voice vote.


Mike Molohon made a motion to adjourn and Frank seconded it. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 6:59 pm.

Respectfully submitted this 8th day of March, 2023

Mary Sundermeyer, Clerk