The Board of Trustees met at the Medina Township Office

located at 10628 N. Galena Road, Mossville, Illinois on December 9th, 2020

Purpose: Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting

Present: Mike Molohon, Trustee

Cam Parr, Trustee

Adam Gudat, Trustee

Shawn E. Garner, Clerk

Absent: John H. Dawson, Supervisor

Richard Clinch, Trustee

Other Officials and Township Staff Present:  Frank Sturm II, Road Commissioner and Mark Brabant, Assessor

Others In Attendance:  2 residents  

Call To Order:  Trustee Parr called the meeting to order at 6:14 PM.


Clerk, Garner, presented the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting held November 11th, 2020. Trustee Molohon moved to approve, as presented, seconded by Trustee Gudat; followed by a unanimous “Aye” voice vote.

Clerk, Garner, presented the minutes of the Road District Tax Levy Hearing held November 11th, 2020. Trustee Molohon moved to approve, as presented, seconded by Trustee Gudat; followed by a unanimous “Aye” voice vote.

Clerk, Garner, presented the minutes of the Township Tax Levy Hearing held November 11th, 2020. Trustee Gudat moved to approve, as presented, seconded by Trustee Parr; followed by a unanimous “Aye” voice vote.

Community Policing Report:  

Deputy Lauber advised that identity theft remains an issue and residents should contact sheriff’s office for assistance if they believe that they are a victim.  We have received numerous calls at 726 Poplett Hollow regarding residential burglary at vacant property.  Introduced new community deputy Ben Davison who will begin on January 4, 2021.

Public Input:  

Trustee Parr open floor and received no request for public input. 

Correspondence & Reports

Supervisor, John Dawson:

  • Investment Report:  The Investment Report ending on December 9th, 2020 was previously presented to board.  

Road Commissioner, Frank Sturm, II:  

  1. We completed leaf pick-up on Tuesday of this week.  Pick up this year lasted just over 6 weeks. It wasn’t that many years ago that pick up lasted 4 weeks. However, due to trees maturing and producing more leaves and more residents using the service, it just takes longer.

Good Forest, located just north of Mossville, have been accepting our leaves for several years. They cut us off the week before last. Disposal of the leaves next year is uncertain. We will have to come up with some options in the coming year.

  1. We will now start prepping our trucks for snow removal. Still no word on our new truck.
  2. Hoerr Construction was the successful bidder on our culvert lining project.
  3. I am in the process of selling our oldest (non-working) leaf vac to Lacon Township Road District. John Redlingshafer suggested that I give the board a letter declaring the machine as surplus equipment.  Road Commissioner hand delivered letters to township board members.
  4. IDOT recently informed me that they will be installing “Dilemna  Zone Detectors” at the intersection of Illinois Route 40 and Woodside Drive. Since two legs of that intersection are ours, we must participate in the cost. Our estimated cost is $2,300. I talked to our attorney and CPA and they both agreed that since it is such a small amount, and we do have the funds, amending the budget isn’t necessary.

Assessor, Mark Brabant:

No report.

Plan Commission, Chairperson Manning: 

No report.


No Report.

Old Business

Dr. Zwicky – Medina Trail:

Trustee Parr presented proposed License Agreement completed by township legal counsel to address encroachment issue with the Zwicky’s property. The property owner prior to Dr. Zwicky installed the retaining wall.  After discussion, township will ask Attorney Redlingshafer to have photos of property attached to agreement and request reimbursement of township legal expense. Trustee Parr made motion for township’s legal counsel to negotiate proposed license agreement with Dr. Gary Zwicky’s legal counsel, seconded by Trustee Molohon. Clerk, Garner took roll-call vote with Trustees, Parr, Gudat, and Molohon voting “Aye”.  The motion passed by unanimous “Aye” vote.

New Business

MMYBSA – Trustee Parr recognized Josh Benway presented team plaque in appreciation of township’s support.  We were down from 18 to 13 teams – had 139 kids which was less than last year when we had 200.  IVC Youth Athletics has replaced MMYBSA and CYSA.  Associations have merged. The next year will be interesting. The board felt that this will be best for the kids. 

Pay Township Bills

Township/Road District Bills Audited:  All bills of the Town and the Road District were approved for payment.  Trustee Molohon moved to pay the bills, seconded by Trustee Parr followed by a unanimous “Aye” voice vote.  Motion passed unanimously.

Adjournment:  There being no further business to come before the board, Trustee Molohon to adjourn, seconded by Trustee Gudat, followed by a unanimous “Aye” voice vote. The meeting adjourned at 6:42 PM.

Respectfully submitted this 9th day of December, 2020.


Shawn E. Garner, Clerk