The Medina Township Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Purpose:  Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting

Present:  Shawn Garner, Supervisor

Mike Molohon, Trustee 

Cam Parr, Trustee 

Cindy Greene, Trustee

Frank Gerke, Trustee

Mary Sundermeyer, Clerk

Other Officials and Township Staff Present:  

Frank Sturm II, Road Commissioner

Mark Brabant, Assessor

Deputy Ben Davison, Community Police

Others In Attendance:  4 Residents

Call To Order:  Supervisor Shawn Garner called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm

Approval of Minutes:  Clerk Mary Sundermeyer presented the minutes from the regular board meeting held on December 14, 2022. Frank Gerke made a motion to approve the minutes.  Cindy Greene seconded. The minutes were approved by a unanimous voice vote.

Community Policing Report: 

Deputy Ben Davison gave the report for the calendar year 2022. There were 815 reports made involving 391 reports of 205 original crimes. Medina Township has one of the highest call rates in the county. He also gave the report for December. There were 55 reports made involving 18 reports of 11 original crimes. 

The two residences on Medina St and on Fairview Rd have been getting pressure from the police and the State’s Attorney to clean things up. The Zoning Commission has also been involved. 

Public Input: None

Old Business:  

The Peoria Sheriff’s Contract was discussed. Shawn Garner made a motion to execute the 5-year contract with the Sheriff’s department. We can leave this agreement with 60 days notice. The 5-year contract saves money. Cindy Greene seconded. The motion was approved by a roll call vote:  Shawn – Aye; Cindy – Aye; Mike – Aye; Frank – Aye; Cam – Aye. The motion passed.

Shawn reported that the office furniture has been ordered from Widmer Interiors for $5794.53. This purchase was approved last month.

New Business:  None

Department Correspondence:

Supervisor Shawn Garner:  

  1. Investment Report:  the report ending on January 11, 2023 was previously presented to the board.
  2. There are no are no pending General Assistance cases. 
  3. Kevin Peterson of the IVCYA has asked to use the Medina AT&T Internet access to use a point of sale system. Shawn will talk to him more about this. It would not incur additional cost to the Township.

Road Commissioner:  Frank Sturm: 

  1. Have plenty of rock salt on hand and more that can be purchased from the contract.
  2. The next culvert installations on Ivy Lake Rd will require easements from the home owners as there is no “Right of Way” on this part of the road.  Ditching and some tree removal will be required. Frank has reached out to a homeowner and she wanted to meet after the holidays.
  3. Have hired a new employee:  Jacob Molohon. Welcome!
  4. They will start planning the 2023 Maintenance Plan shortly.
  5. The County Board approved the speed limit change to 35mph for Ivy Lake Rd and the new signs have been ordered.
  6. They received an email from the Peoria County Highway Department regarding the preconstruction meeting for the Dickison Lane bridge replacement project. The meeting is on 1/26/23 at 9 am. Frank will attend.

Assessor:  Mark Brabant  – No report

Plan Commission:  Jim Manning  – No report

Trustees:  No reports

Mike Molohon asked about repairing and resealing the parking lot at the ball fields. Frank will bid this out with his repair of the street in the same location. They will try for a July date.

Township/Road District Bills:  

Frank Gerke asked about late fees for some bills. The bills were paid on time but were delivered to the wrong drop box. Our accountant is working with them to sort this out.

All bills of the Town and Road District were reviewed and approved for payment. Shawn made a motion to pay all of the bills.  Mike seconded the motion. The motion was approved by a unanimous voice vote.


Mike Molohon made a motion to adjourn and Cam Parr seconded it. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 6:28 pm.

Respectfully submitted this 11th day of January, 2023

Mary Sundermeyer, Clerk