The Medina Township Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Purpose:  Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting

Present:  Shawn Garner, Supervisor

Cam Parr, Trustee

Cindy Greene, Trustee

Mike Molohon, Trustee 

Luke Harvey, Trustee

Mary Sundermeyer, Clerk

Other Officials and Township Staff Present:  

Frank Sturm II, Road Commissioner

Deputy Ben Davison

Others In Attendance:  2 residents, 2 guests

Call To Order:  Supervisor Garner called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm

Approval of Minutes:  Clerk Sundermeyer presented the minutes from the regular board meeting held on September 13, 2023. Shawn Garner made a motion to approve the minutes. Cindy Greene seconded. The minutes were approved by a unanimous voice vote.

Community Policing Report: 

Deputy Ben Davison gave the report for September 2023. There were 65 reports made involving 20 reports of crimes (14 original crimes). There were also 25 traffic stops made.  Deputy Davison is now serving as a recruiter for the Peoria County Sheriff’s department. Please let him know of anyone who is interested in joining the Sheriff’s department. You may reach him at [email protected]

Deputy Davison is also investigating reports of individuals shooting into corn fields. Also, if you are leaving town for vacation, you may call the Sheriff’s Office and ask them to check on your home while you are away. Please remember to lock your vehicles.

Public Input: None

Old Business:  None

New Business

Annual Audit report:  Virginia Love of Hjerpe & Tennison presented the audit report for Medina Township and Road District from March 2022 – March 2023, as required by State statue.

Appendix A:  Shawn made 2 changes to Appendix A for the bills that will be paid automatically. Blue Cross/Blue Shield was added instead of United Healthcare as the new carrier and Hunter Services is now called Skinner Sewer Services. Shawn made a motion to accept Appendix A Rev.#10. (10/11/23). Luke Harvey seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Department Correspondence:

Supervisor Shawn Garner:  

  1. Investment Report:  the report ending on October 11 was previously presented to the board.
  2. There are no General Assistance cases. 
  3. There are no cases before the Plan Commission. 

Road Commissioner:  Frank Sturm

  1. RA Cullinan finished the tilling and seal coating work. 
  2. Tazewell County Asphalt finished paving work on the Ball Park parking lot. They also finished the paving work on Brentfield, Woodside and Brentwood. They are going to do a little patching work in Cedar Hills Estates.
  3. ICCI was going to start on the 2023 Miscellaneous concrete project this week but is holding off due to expected rain.
  4. Skinner Sewer Service cleaned the dry wells on Dover Ln. They are still totally blocked and will need to be replaced.
  5. They are prepping the leaf vacs for use. An early drop of leaves is expected due to the summer drought.
  6. Frank is working with our lawyer to investigate the Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of Peoria.
  7. Two residents have requested streetlights.

Assessor:  Mark Brabant None

Plan Commission:  None

Trustees:  None

Township/Road District Bills:  

Cindy made a motion to pay the bills of the township. Cam Parr seconded the motion. The motion was approved by a unanimous voice vote.


Mike Molohon made a motion to adjourn, and Luke seconded it. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted this 11th day of October 2023,

Mary Sundermeyer

Township Clerk