The Board of Trustees met at the Medina Township Office

located at 10628 N. Galena Road, Mossville, Illinois on December 11th, 2019

Purpose: Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting

Present: John H. Dawson, Supervisor

Shawn E. Garner, Clerk

Mike Molohon, Trustee

Adam Gudat, Trustee

Richard Clinch, Trustee

Cam Parr, Trustee

Other Officials and Township Staff Present: Frank Sturm, Road Commissioner

Others In Attendance:  3 residents.  

Call To Order:  Supervisor Dawson followed by pledge of allegiance to the flag called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.


Clerk, Garner, presented the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting held November 13th, 2019. Supervisor Dawson moved to approve, as presented, seconded by Trustee Molohon; followed by a unanimous “Aye” voice vote.

Clerk, Garner, presented the minutes of the Road District Tax Levy Hearing held November 13th, 2019. Supervisor Dawson moved to approve, as presented, seconded by Trustee Parr; followed by a unanimous “Aye” voice vote.

Clerk, Garner, presented the minutes of the Township Tax Levy Hearing held November 13th, 2019. Trustee Clinch moved to approve, as presented, seconded by Trustee Gudat; followed by a unanimous “Aye” voice vote.

Community Policing Report:  

Lt. Butterfield reported burglaries in storage facility with one in custody.  Road Commissioner Sturm asked who is responsible for enforcing posted weight limit on bridges.  County Highway Department said state police are responsible. It is a $164.00 ticket. State Police advised Sheriff’s office is responsible. Lt. Butterfield advised that state police have scale team, but county can issue citation if there is a violation.  Road Commissioner has potential issue with Staab road bridge and PDC vehicle and will advise Sheriff’s department if necessary. 

Public Input:  

Supervisor Dawson recognized Josh Benway with MMYBSA.  Josh Benway advised that some fields at park may not be usable next year.  He is discussing installing field at junior high school and asked if township would consider donating fencing to IVC School District.

Correspondence & Reports

Supervisor, John Dawson:

  • Investment Report:  The Investment Report ending on December 11th, 2019 was previously presented to board.  
  • Supervisor Dawson presented letter from resident regarding discontinuing leak pick-up. No action was taken. After discussing with Road Commissioner, response will be sent to resident.
  • Supervisor Dawson advised that February Meeting will be held on the 5th.

Road Commissioner, Frank Sturm, II:  

  • Leaf pickup is almost done for the year.   One spring pickup will be scheduled later..
  • Horowitz is done with Misc. Concrete Project.  I am keeping his contract open till spring, cause I have a little more work for him to do.
  • We are going to exercise our option to basically trade loader with Altorfer and got the guaranteed buyback.  I will have details later. 
  • Hoerr Construction got that sump line installed on Hendryx Lane.  The area is starting to dry up, and we shouldn’t have that large ice dam this winter.
  • I placed order for 300 tons of salt on 11/18/19,  but haven’t received it. They have quite a backlog due to the state making such a late award.  Heard next year ought to be a mess with salt. Apparently, the Corps of Engineering will be closing the river for work on locks and dams, for up to a year. 

Assessor, Mark Brabant:

Not present to present report.

Plan Commission, Chairperson Manning: 

No cases were before the commission. 



No report.

Old Business


New Business

Discuss, consider, vote on Ordinance # TWN-01-2019:  Supervisor Dawson presented Ordinance Establishing Rules for Public Participation at Meetings after conferring with counsel. Discussion of rights to privacy during public hearing were reviewed.  After discussion, Supervisor Dawson made motion to adopt Ordinance # TWN-01-2019, seconded by Trustee Clinch. Supervisor Dawson requested roll call vote. Clerk Garner took roll call vote with Trustee Parr, Trustee Gudat, Trustee Molohon, Trustee Clinch, and Supervisor Dawson voting “aye”.  Motion passed unanimously.

Pay Township Bills

Township/Road District Bills Audited:  All bills of the Town and the Road District were approved for payment.  Trustee Molohon moved to pay the bills, seconded by Trustee Gudat

followed by a unanimous “Aye” voice vote.  Trustee Parr made motion to approve truck center invoice # R140058673:01, seconded by Trustee Clinch, followed by a unanimous “Aye” voice vote


Adjournment:  There being no further business to come before the board, Supervisor Dawson moved to adjourn, seconded by Trustee Molohon, followed by a unanimous “Aye” voice vote. The meeting adjourned at 7:41 PM.

Respectfully submitted this 11th day of December, 2019.


Shawn E. Garner, Clerk